Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Spring 2010

The new issue of anything anymore anywhere is finally here. The list of contributors is:

Marcia Arrieta
Claire Askew
Royce Borgeson
Joel Chace
Doru Culiac
Catherine Daly
James Davies
Adam Fieled
Peter Hughes
Geof Huth
Devin Johnston
Mary Kasimor
Scott Keeney
Margaret Konkol
Tony Leuzzi
Cathleen Miller
Adam Perry
Sam Schild
Alex Willie Singerman
Marcus Slease
Nancy Stohlman
Jayne Thickett
Rhys Trimble
Marcus Whale
Jessica Wickens
Justin Wolfers

You can buy a copy by following this link.

You can submit work (drawings, photos, poems, stories, hybrid, anything anymore anywhere) for the next issue to this address: submissionsATanything-anymore-anywhereDOTcom.

Now we've got the hang of it, we will be much more efficient in getting the issues prepared. Next one is due out in early Summer. Thank-you to all this issue's contributors for their patience and also their exciting writing.